How to change the default browser in Outlook

When you click a link in an email using Windows Outlook (desktop app), by default it opens in a browser window. My default browser was highjacked again by Edge. But I don’t want to use Edge for these links or any others. So I changed the default Outlook browser back to my usual browser. This … Continue Reading

Lorum Ipsum – dummy text

You know when you just want some dummy text for your website or app, but every link you click on has ads, ad blockers or formatting? Well here is all the Lorum Ipsum you’ll ever need with no strings attached. Just copy and paste Contents: 100 paragraphs of Lorum Ipsum dummy text – formatted as … Continue Reading

3D mapping for engineering, architecture & construction

It never ceases to amaze me how fast technology is advancing. Here’s an example of what can be done very quickly and cheaply these days, that would have taken a very long time to do manually only a few years ago. 3D mapping for architects, engineers and construction creates a 3D digital model of both … Continue Reading

Amazon Prime phone scam – how to spot it & what to do

Amazon is not a company I have personally used for many, many years due to their purported UK tax evasion (e.g. Amazon’s main UK division pays no corporation tax for second year in a row or Amazon’s biggest UK firms pay NO corporation tax – despite making £193-a-second) And this Amazon Prime phone scam is … Continue Reading

How to remove an IMAP or POP3 account from Outlook 365 (Windows)

1. Open up control panel The fastest way is to normally press the ‘Window’ key (for search) they type in ‘control panel’ 2. Click on ‘Mail’ options 3. Click on ‘Email accounts’ 4. Click on the account you’d like to delete then click the ‘remove’ option 5. Close ‘mail options’, ‘control panel’ and ‘Outlook’ then … Continue Reading

PayPal refund scam

The PayPal refund scam  – how to spot it & what to do

Here’s a new-to-me PayPal scam called the ‘refund scam’ that takes advantage of PayPal’s invoice system to send out scam emails directly via PayPal. Here’s a quick run-though of how it works, how to spot the scam, and what to do. Sadly, trying to get in touch with PayPal support via any means is often … Continue Reading

Changing your WordPress site language to English (UK)

In the older versions of WordPress the language files were kept locally within the WordPress installation files (wp-content/languages) however, in WordPress versions from about 4 onwards they’ve changed how the site language is managed. As always, before you do anything, back everything up, have a plan for restoring your site if you make a cock-up, … Continue Reading

Microsoft Exchange – how to change password reset policy

If you’re using Microsoft Exchange for your email, there’s a good chance you’re on the default password policy which may mean all users may need to update their passwords periodically. Alternatively, as the email administrator, you may want to require all users update their password to a new regularly. Whatever the reason, you can change … Continue Reading