Matterport Virtual Tours & Google Street View Tours

As of 2024 we’ve been producing virtual tours for 18 years making us one of the most experienced virtual tour creators in the country. Prior to Matterport, for many years, we primarily used the iPix system, until becoming one of the early Matteport adopters. Our current kit is some of the most cutting edge virtual tour creation equipment available allowing us to become one of the first virtual tour companies outside of the US to be able to provide high-definition, HDR, AI powered 3D virtual tours.

Our Matterport virtual tours are perfect for any business or organisation where their customers visit them – if you’ve got premises and you want to get new customers through the door, get a virtual tour!

We’re also a Google Trusted Photographer so can integrate your virtual tour with Google Maps, Google My Business, Google Earth and Google Search.

However, the best way to understand how a virtual tour can benefit your business is with case studies.

Some of our recent virtual tours customers
Some of our recent virtual tours customers

Thornbridge Brewery, Bakewell – virtual tours case study

We were asked by Thornbridge Brewery to create virtual tours of their pubs to help encourage new customers to visit. As customers, if we’re planning on visiting someone new, for example a pub, restaurant, we’ll first check it out online. Nobody wants any ‘nasty surprises’ so we created virtual tours of the Thornbridge pubs to embed within their respective websites and support their other ongoing social media activity. Here is the virtual tour we created for the Greystones Pub on Greystones Road in Sheffield (see this page for instructions on using the virtual tour controls – keyboard & mouse).

At the time of writing, their most popular virtual tour had received over 72,000 direct views, and the Google Street View virtual tour we added has had over 162,000 views. If that’s not a good business investment, I don’t know what is!

This virtual tour example is a more recent one of Play Valley in Doncaster

Along with including seamlessly within your website, your virtual tour can be sent directly as a link. This example shows the Greystones Pub virtual tour within their website homepage:

Virtual tours integrate seamlessly into any website

We can also create high-resolution, HDR images whilst we create the virtual tour. These can be used for, among other things, print advertising, on social media, in website galleries, for advertising, etc.

Greystones Pub virtual tour integrated into Google Street View

As we’re also a Trusted Google Street View Photographer – we added the Greystones Virtual tour to Google Street View, Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Search. This is the virtual tour on Street View

Virtual tours integrated into Google Street View

The Greystones pub virtual tour we created after we also integrated it into Google Maps

Virtual tours integrated into Google Street View

More virtual tours information

To get a virtual tour for your business, call us on 0114 383 0711 or send us a message via our contact section