WordPress site fix

We can’t deny that WordPress is an amazing content management system (CMS), however, once in a while you’re likely to encounter a problem where your site stops working properly

The most common reasons for this are things like code errors in plug-ins or database connection problems, however, these are normally able to be fixed quickly and easily.

Maybe your WordPress site is stuck on ‘maintenance mode’ or, worse than that, you only get a white screen (WSOD). Whatever the problem, we can fix it! Call us today on 0114 383 0711

Common WordPress problems

Here is a list of common WordPress problems. Experiencing any of these? Don’t worry! You’re not alone and we’re here to help you fix them:

  • Internal server error
  • This site is experiencing technical difficulties
  • Error establishing database connection in WordPress
  • WordPress white screen of death
  • WordPress posts returning 404 error
  • white text and missing buttons in WordPress visual editor
  • WordPress memory exhausted error by increasing PHP memory limit
  • Locked out of WordPress admin area
  • WordPress login page issue
  • Image upload problem in WordPress
  • Site stuck on scheduled maintenance error in WordPress
  • WordPress RSS feed errors
  • 403 forbidden error in WordPress
  • The too many redirects error in WordPress
  • “This site ahead contains harmful programs” error in WordPress
  • Fatal error: Maximum execution time exceeded in WordPress
  • WordPress keeps logging me out
  • SSL mixed Content Error in WordPress
  • Add Media Button Not Working in WordPress
  • Common SSL issues in WordPress
  • File and folder permissions error in WordPress
  • How fix HTTP error when uploading images in WordPress
  • Your connection is not private error in WordPress
  • “The link you followed has expired” error in WordPress
  • WordPress website not updating right away issue
  • “Failed to load resource” error In WordPress

Whatever the problem you have with your WorPress site, we can fix it! Call us today on 0114 383 0711