How to change your IP address using the Opera VPN

If your IP address becomes blocked by server spam services and you’re no longer able to access some websites, you can temporarily change your IP using the Opera VPN. Your IP address is a series of numbers which are assigned to your internet connection and can be used to block access from certain computers. However, if you get blocked by accident, while the error is being fixed, you can usually use the following technique to circumvent the block.

  1. Download and install the Opera Browser here:
  2. Start the Opera browser and open an incognito browser window. The keyboard shortcut to do this is CTRL+SHIFT+N or click the ‘O’ in the top-left corner then select ‘New private window’
  3. In the new private window click the VPN option in the address bar at the top to the left of the magnifying glass icon
  4. You can now re-try accessing the website you had trouble accessing before

Please note that Google may block VPN access using a CAPTCHA but the other search engines should still work such as or