Changing your WordPress site language to English (UK)

In the older versions of WordPress the language files were kept locally within the WordPress installation files (wp-content/languages) however, in WordPress versions from about 4 onwards they’ve changed how the site language is managed. As always, before you do anything, back everything up, have a plan for restoring your site if you make a cock-up, … Continue Reading

Microsoft Exchange – how to change password reset policy

If you’re using Microsoft Exchange for your email, there’s a good chance you’re on the default password policy which may mean all users may need to update their passwords periodically. Alternatively, as the email administrator, you may want to require all users update their password to a new regularly. Whatever the reason, you can change … Continue Reading

How to change your IP address using the Opera VPN

If your IP address becomes blocked by server spam services and you’re no longer able to access some websites, you can temporarily change your IP using the Opera VPN. Your IP address is a series of numbers which are assigned to your internet connection and can be used to block access from certain computers. However, … Continue Reading