Website backup & off-line storage

Website backup & off-line storage

If you’d like to keep a copy of your site off-line, get in touch

We can download your entire site (including database, files, images, content, plug-ins, settings, etc.) and store it off-line (or provide it on disk, flash drive, or similar if you’d prefer)

The most common reasons for wanting to do this are to mitigate against:

  • Site lost due to hacking or malware
  • Site lost due to hosting expiry or similar

Once you have a copy of your site stored off-line, the site can be reinstated quickly to another host or restored to it’s original location as required

Backups are often quick and inexpensive and can be done on an ongoing, regular basis

Alternatively, our hosting provides ongoing, rolling 6 hourly, 7-day backups as standard and the website migration to our servers is often free (dependent on specific requirements)

Get in touch if you’d like more information by calling 0114 383 0711