5 Tips for Writing Good SEO Copy

With Google’s recent algorithm updates, search engine optimised content is more important than ever for your website or blog. Google is putting more emphasis than ever on original, quality content. With that in mind, I’ve decided to share 5 tips that will help you get to grips with SEO copywriting.

Man writing search engine optimised copy for his websiteWrite for Humans

Even search engines themselves prefer natural content to copy that’s obviously for SEO purposes. Focus on creating good content for human readers, including keywords that will help search engines to find your content.

Use Keywords Naturally

Using relevant key words in your copy is a must. But don’t worry too much about keyword density; the important thing to do is use your keywords NATURALLY. Cramming keywords in where they don’t belong will do more harm than good!

Title Tags and Snippets

Your title tag is one of the first things that Google looks at when it goes about categorising a web page. Also, the title tag and the ‘snippet’ or meta description are the things that your potential customers will see in the SERPs. It’s important to include keywords within them, but to make your titles and snippets sound natural and concentrate on motivating them to click.

Social Sharing

The more your content is shared, the more links and traffic it will receive. Therefore, the more popular and relevant it seems to Google. Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest to promote your content, and get it shared by other users. Do your best to promote your content on relevant forums, blogs and newsletters too.

Answer Questions

People use the web every day to find answers to questions and solutions to problems. A great way to get your content found and read is to answer these questions with credible, informative content. So when people type these questions into Google, they’ll find your answer. They may even go on to visit your site. And if your answers are better than your competitors, the chances are they’ll buy from you.

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