Google’s New Hummingbird Update Completely Changes How Your Website is Found

2013 – Google has just announced its ‘Hummingbird’ algorithm change, which is the latest overhaul of its search engine formulas aimed at better answering internet users’ complex queries and affecting many website’s search engine optimisation 

Searches based on meaning

The new algorithm is set to return better search results when users make more complicated requests, therefore keeping up with longer, more advanced search queries. Instead of the search engine returning pages that match a few words, Hummingbird is set to take into account the sentence as a whole and return searches based on its overall meaning. As people’s reliance on Google grows, users enter more complex questions into the search box, not just a few words that are related to a specific topic.

Google’s Senior VP, Amit Singal has confirmed that the new algorithm has been in place for about a month already, although Google only announced it officially yesterday.

‘Entirely new algorithm’

Unlike Panda and Penguin, which were changes to parts of the old algorithm, Hummingbird is an entirely new algorithm. Singal has confirmed that it is the most dramatic alteration in 3 years,  when Google switched to ‘Caffiene’ in 2010.

Most importantly, Google’s advice with regard to search engine optimisation remains the same, focus on original, high quality content. Which is exactly what we do here at Seven Creative!

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