When Was the News Page on Your Website Last Updated?

Does your website have a news section? If so, then answer me this – when was it last updated? If you can’t remember when you last put an article or news bulletin on it, you need to act fast! You may have been meaning to rewrite it, but it keeps getting put to the bottom of the list. Sound familiar? Read on..

copywriting-company-sheffieldAs a professional content writers in Sheffield, we love having a good nose around the news pages of websites that we come across during our research and general reading. Some are fantastic at posting regular articles that inform customers and reader of their latest news, products, services, event etc.

It is obvious that they set aside a block of time during the week to make sure this all important task is carried out, and they are benefiting from it too. Not only do potential customers see interesting, relevant content; search engines love fresh content too.

The importance of updating your news page

However, we find it really discouraging when we check out a company’s news page only to find that it hasn’t been updated for months. It really doesn’t make a good impression and you may find potential customers asking themselves a few questions. Are they not very busy? Have they gone out of business?

You might not think that you have anything to talk about, but there are lots of things you could write a short article about. Sharing testimonials is a great idea, as is sharing and commenting on industry news, welcoming a new member of staff – you get the idea!

Keeping visitors coming back to your website is also something to consider. Your regular customers may be very familiar with your site, but why not give them something new to read on their next visit? Loyal customers will be genuinely interested in your news, so adding fresh material to your site on a regular basis means that will come back to see what’s going on.

What if I don’t have a news page on my website?

If you don’t have a news page on your website, have a quick think about your other content. Has the text on it been the same since it was built 3 years ago? If so, you need to think about refreshing it. After all, businesses naturally progress, change and grow, and your website needs to reflect this. The chances are, you’ve developed your services, expanded your product range or gained the experience needed to specialise in a particular area. And it’s not just your business that may have developed, changes in your industry are inevitable, and keeping up to date with them is important when it comes to establishing trust between you and your customers.

Is your website text interesting enough?

Unfortunately, even the most brilliant content can become stale over time. The attention of online readers is incredibly short, you literally have a few seconds to grab them and make them want to keep reading. Your website copy may describe exactly what you do accurately, but is it lively enough to capture the attention of a reader and to keep them there?

Content needs to be concise and captivating, getting to the point quickly, and providing the option for readers to find out more. Text should be in bite sized sections, making it easy to scan and process the information with little effort. Text heavy paragraphs that aren’t broken up by images or bullet points are a real put off too!

If you’ve been meaning to update your website copy but never quite got round to it, we can help. We can even write regular news articles on your behalf, ensuring that you’ve always got fresh content. Call us on 0114 383 0711