Why move to Microsoft Exchange?

Move to Microsoft ExchangeIt’s the year 2000. We’re at work. We sit in front of our computer, reading and replying to our emails. At the end of the day we turn the computer off. Everything is done… except it’s not! We’re driving home and remember that really important email we forgot to reply to. Did we press send on that email to the printer? Has the email about the contract arrived? Even worse – we’re on the first day of our two-week holiday and we suddenly start to feel anxious wondering what emails are arriving whilst we’re away and knowing that we’ll not see them until we’re back. 

Fortunately, it’s not 2000 anymore and it doesn’t have to be like that. We now have the option to check our emails anywhere or anytime we want – whether sent, received, or in folders. We have smart phones in our pockets, tablet computers in our bags and laptops we can take with us – all is OK… or is it? The problem is that the email system that most people use is still from the year 2000. It simply wasn’t designed for modern devices and certainly not for multiple devices. It was designed for a time when we only used one computer which didn’t move – it’s 2020, why can’t we see sent items?! Why can’t we access our folders and email archives?!

And even worse than that, what happens when our computer dies or our phone gets stolen! Is everything is lost? 

There is a solution – a great solution!

Not very long ago, it was only the big, wealthy companies used Microsoft Exchange for email. It was very expensive, difficult to configure, and needed an IT department to maintain it. But they knew how powerful it was and how valuable it was to their organisations so they made the investment… and it paid dividends for them! Send an email from one computer and it’s immediately also there, synchronised in ‘sent items’ on all your devices. You’re at home and can’t remember if you sent that important email? Check the tablet computer and you can instantly see. Need to look at an email from a few years ago? You can do it wherever you are at any time. Put a meeting in the diary on your computer when you were at work? Your phone dings to let you know it’s coming up in to hours. No more missing emails. No more duplicate diaries. No more having to wait to view old emails. No more frustration!

Roll on a few years to now and that same system is now available to all of us no matter how big or small our companies. And it’s much, much cheaper and, once set up, takes virtually no maintenance. One email address or one-hundred email addresses – it just works, brilliantly!

Your emails, folders, calendars instantly synchronised across all your devices and available when you want them to be. And even better than that,

Get a great nights sleep!

Actually, we can’t guarantee you’ll get a great nights sleep knowing your emails are all fully backed-up in the cloud and that all your documents are safe no matter what happens to your computer, however, I’m sure it’s going in the right direction.

Microsoft Exchange and OneDrive is the system I use and you can’t get a better recommendation than that! Free yourself up from email frustration or worry and allow yourself to focus on your business.

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